5 Travel Websites You’d Love

So you’re inspired. You have the travel jitters and you’re itching to get out of whatever you are doing right now. Maybe you need something to do over spring break with your fantabulous friends, or want a little romantic getaway with your hubby. Maybe you are in the mood to surprise yourself and go solo somewhere totally random and spontaneous. Whatever the case, you are clueless and don’t have a SINGLE idea of where to start or where you even want to go. Whats your budget? How many days do you have? But you’ve never left the country! Or you’ve already been to France twice and don’t know where to go next! Ah!

Dont Panic. I repeat – dont. panic. Luckily, the savvy internet fairies have come to your rescue and created a bajillion websites that automatically do the boring stuff for you. Instead of wasting hours and a bottle of Advil, use these sites to find cheap ticket fares, tourist attractions, lesser known local attractions and breathtaking destinations.

Relax, take a breath, and let me introduce you to my handy dandy travelhack treasures.


This website is my go-to for every trip. The top dog. The bomb diggity. With Rome2Rio you can go anywhere, anyhow. Give them a starting point and and end point, and they will do the rest. Not only does it create routes with prices using every major transportation system, it shows you attractions and living accommodations too (with reviews).


Skycanner is, hands down, the best website to compare flights. Popular amongst the ‘peans, Skyscanner isn’t only limited to flying – it conveniently has hotels and car rental comparisons + bookings too (I’ll admit, I have never used the car rental option before, but I give a thumbs up for its magically catered flight selection).


1. When looking for flights, you can get cheaper tickets by altering the location you buy the tickets from. Step 1: Go incognito on your browser. Step 2: On the upper right hand side, there is a flag and country with which you are currently set to – click and change. Step 3: Fumble around for a couple minutes and find the best country to buy your tickets from! *Skiplagged uses a ghost-host town for you automatically so you don’t need to waste time on this either.*

2.Are you that one spontaneous college kid that’s tight on a budget? Select a departure airport, select your dates, and just hit the search button. No need to know where you’re headed.  Flights going to almost every corner in the world will be displayed from cheapest to most expensive. Apply previous tip for even cheaper flights.


Airbnb is kind of like couchsurfing.com and homestay.com, but you can rent out entire houses, and even stay in castles and igloos if you please. Instead of reserving a hotel room months in advance and dishing out precious wads of moolah, give this a try. Not only will it be cheaper, but you will have a more authentic experience and make lasting friendships (who doesn’t want friends with sweet accents?!).


If you are traveling solo and/or want to have an ‘in the moment’ kind of trip, Triposo is for you. Ditch the endless review forums, and let Triposo use its smarticles to make personalized suggestions. The best part? You don’t need any internet connection! Don’t go aimlessly searching for wifi signal, when you can simply download the app beforehand – it saves  everything from luxury dining down to rural maps so you do not have to be constantly plugged in. Take that little off road you’ve been eyeing all morning, and let life take you where it wants to.


It’s truly a mystery how under the radar this site is. This is for ‘Muricans and travellers alike – go anywhere in the US by planning and saving your once-in-a-lifetime-but-probably-not roadtrip details. If Rome2Rio and Tripadvisor had a kid, Roadtrippers would be it. It shows everything from entertainment and nightlife to camping sites and great places to take a break while traveling.

There you have it! The 5 sites I currently like best. Know more sites? Comment below with your fav travel treasures. 🙂


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