My first solo trip: San Miguel de Allende

I cannot even begin to describe how exited I am to be taking my first solo trip! Growing up in an Indian household, I didn’t really think that my parents would let me go to Mexico (which has notoriously similar cultures and values to India). Before anything else, let me just say – Mom, dad, thank you so much for letting me do this. It means a lot and I’m gonna make y’all proud, I promise.

You are probably thinking, “How in the world did she catch the travel bug if her parents usually wouldn’t have let her go?” Well, they have been taking me on trips around the world ever since I was a little girl. Apparently I even visited Vegas when I was a month old! I just have never been anywhere by myself. I always thought it was normal to travel until I got to college, where I learned that most of the people I met never even left the country (most of my high school friends were as well traveled as I was). Imagining a life without traveling and seeing different cultures was practically impossible – it was then that I realized that travel was more of a way of life for me more than anything. And I would not trade that for the world.

Deep feels aside, I’m going to San Miguel de Allende (wow that’s a handful) for a medical internship for undergraduates through the PACE MedSpanish program. It isn’t a huge program and only a couple students are going in light of the recent tragic news in Mexico (43 students were missing, presumed dead). However, a smaller group means that we will be able to have more hand on experience and have more flexibility with how much we can do! Which is a big plus in my book. I’m going for 6 weeks! 6. Whole. Weeks. In that time I will be working alongside doctors and medical students at a hospital in the city, taking a first responder course, working in ambulances, working with the Red Cross mobile brigades in rural areas, doing community health education, and so much more (like cooking classes every Thursday). All while enjoying San Miguel de Allende’s famous art scene and wonderful cuisine. I might even try to take an art class while I’m there (art geek here!) Like whaaat? Sounds too good to be true. But nope! It’s true all right. So over the next 6 weeks, expect a bunch of posts and pictures of my adventures.

Replace this lovely young lady with me (in a week), and the image in your head is all set!

To feed yer eyes (and mine), here are some of the top pinterest pictures of this beautiful city!

La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel is the most famous building in the city. Dedicated to Archangel Michael, this cathedral lies in the heart of San Miguel de Allende and is the center of life and culture. Photo: Alex Visbal
Wow. Imagine walking down that cobblestone street every sunset. Photo: linked to
Although this is not San Miguel de Allende, I just HAD to show it because of its colors and captivating profile. Plus, I’ll also be visiting Guanajuato on one of the first weekends there! Photo: linked to
Adventure awaits! I’m sure I’ll be able to find La Gruta (a series of hot springs!). Photo:
I couldn’t resist. I just had to. Photo: John Mitchell
Just another day at the boot shop…..can I have a pair please? Photo: Lindsey Johnson
Calle al atardecer (Street at sunset). Those colors are breathtaking, no? Photo: Mayka Janeiro
Due to the constant perfect weather, many places have rooftops that are used for bars and lounging amongst other things! This one is at the Rosewood Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in the city. Photo: Don Riddle
La Casa Dragones. If this isn’t rustic elegance, I don’t know what is. Photo:

Now on to you! Been to San Miguel de Allende? What are your favorite spots and eateries? Comment below!


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